Working Groups

Working Groups

The Action proposes 6 WGs. Four of them will be involved in the development of a personalized management of patients with BTC, prevention, early diagnosis,treatment, and support, while two horizontal WGs will provide crosssectional activities that are relevant to the goals of WG1 to WG4. Precision-BTC-Network Action will build on a multi-directional collaboration across all WGs which will be facilitated through periodical (six-monthly) individual WG meetings and annual general meetings for the planning of inter-groups initiatives. In addition, members of the Action will be encouraged to participate in more than one WG to boost intergroup activities. New collaborations outside the Action will be explored, if deemed necessary.

Working Group 1

Identification of epidemiological heterogeneity in Europe to apply precision prevention

Working Group 2

Personalised early detection of BTC

Working Group 3

Personalisation of treatment for patients with BTC

Working Group 4

Patient-centric support management

Working Group 5

Artificial intelligence

Working Group 6

Drug development using preclinical models

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