Working Groups

Identification of epidemiological heterogeneity in Europe to apply precision prevention

The aim of this WG is to identify the epidemiological heterogeneity and natural course of BTC in Europe to define a strategy of precision prevention based on the prevalence of risks factors, molecular traits, and genomic features.

Tasks & Activities

Creation of a digital interconnected platform for multiple data sharing.

Delineating differences in the risk factors for each type of BTC.

Exploring regional differences in incidence, mortality, and access to molecular classification/treatments across European countries.

Establishing correct and consistent practice regarding the diagnosis, classification, and coding of BTC based on the new International Classification of Diseases 11th Revision (ICD-11 and ICD-O5).

Exploring histo-morphology and molecular traits of populations at risk to personalize the definition of risk of cancer development.

Exploring the genomic features of PSC-, cirrhosis- and biliary tract stone disease-associated BTC to identify a personalised tumour risk and management.

Exploring preventive measures in at-risk populations (e.g., aspirin, statins, metformin).

Identify age of onset of mutational profile from start of inflammatory stimulus for the development of a personalised prevention strategy.

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