Working Groups

Personalised early detection of BTC

The aim of this WG is to identify risk-factor specific minimally invasive biomarkers that can help in the personalised early detection of BTC in at-risk groups of patients (PSC, liver cirrhosis, biliary tract stone disease). The Action will have a unique platform for key prospective studies in populations at risk. Samples from patients with BTC from biobanks (tumour tissue, serum/plasma, bile, urine, stools) will be used to perform analyses of different types of biomarkers (proteins, metabolites, ctDNA, RNAs, microbiome), including the use of “omics” technologies, in large number of samples.

Tasks & Activities

Development of guidelines on Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Data Quality Management (DQM) to allow integrative data analysis.

To create a catalogue of sample availability in biobanks and radiological registries of each type of BTC.

Selection of candidate tissue-based, biofluid-based, imaging-based, or a combination thereof biomarkers for different types of BTC.

Explore the ability of selected panels of biomarkers to diagnose BTC in cohorts of individuals at risk of developing BTC.

Correlation of biomarkers with histological subtypes, genomic profile, epigenetic profile, imaging features (radiomics) and/or underlying diseases.

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