Working Groups

Drug development using preclinical models

The aim of this group is boosting a preclinical platform of personalised drug discovery by integrating the design and development of novel compounds with the testing of these compounds in appropriate models that take into consideration BTC heterogeneity and complexity.

Tasks & Activities

To widen the horizon of personalised oncology by developing novel effective molecules towards specific subsets of BTC, matched to genomic, epigenetic, proteomic, metabolomic, and metagenomic features of the tumour.

To individualise drug repurposing in preclinical patient-derived avatar models harbouring patients’ specific co-occurring genomic alterations.

To generate vectorised compounds that facilitate drug accumulation in biliary tract cells to increase the benefit/toxicity ratio of targeted drugs.

To develop microenvironment-targeting compounds towards BTC tumours rich in stromal activation.

To develop clinically relevant animal BTC models to support target discovery and target engagement in personalised medicine.

To develop microfluidic devices to mimic human perfusion and drug delivery in vivo for drug discovery projects.

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